Monday, January 16, 2012

xkb files for russian and hebrew keyboard switchers

Long ago, my xkb-based keyboard switcher method stopped working. I then moved over to using gnome-keyboard-properties to set up the keyboard switching. This worked for another several years until recent ubuntu changes in oneiric that removed the stand-alone gnome-keyboard-properties. Worse yet, the gnome-control-center crashes on me if not running from gnome-session.

Being loyal user of FVWM2 window manager for 15 years (see my config over here), I dug out the xkb keyboard switching files and fixed them to work with the evdev keyboard type. This works on ubuntu oneiric (11.10) system.

Here are the download links to my xkb files:
To load them use the following command:
xkbcomp -R/usr/share/X11/xkb/ russian.xkb $DISPLAY


oddlespuddle said...

Could you update the download links? Thank you

Arie Skliarouk said...

Done. Glad to see someone actually reads my blog! :)

Arie Skliarouk said...

xkbcomp is currently broken on ubuntu 14.04 (Error message [Can't find file "default" for compat include]):